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Evacomics at EOY Cosplay Festival 2016

Because I thought I wasn't getting a booth at AFA, I applied for a booth at EOY. When I first came back from Japan, I was offered a table to sell my artwork so I was interested to know if it's going to be different after 3 years. (Blogged about it here)

This year, I asked my fans from Patreon (its like my mini fan club now) to help out. The above is Steffi, who has been pledging support for one year now 😊

Zenus, another patron (lady on the right), who has been supporting for over a year and half also came down to help out at my booth. Both of my patrons fell in love with this Magikarp-don illustrated by Catsby (above is the artist), who was next to our table, and bought the A3 prints home to support our local talent  😍

Kin Lek, another young art student sharing the table next to us, bought a book from me and was walking around balancing 2 cats on his head because there were too many of them sharing a booth... (some people had to "walk around" to free up space).

Finally met Silvia, from Austria, who said she was coming in many of my FB comments. She works for Japan Plus Touristik and happened to be stopping by Singapore before cruising up to Hong Kong! Thank you so much for dropping by to buy my books!!!

She gave me a bar of chocolate as souvenir. I don't know why it's called "Manner Sticks Mignon"... is eating chocolate a manner in Austria? Or they have the same "manner" as Japanese to give presents to each other? 😂😂😂

More people wore my shirt on the second day!!! From left is Veena, a long time supporter of my work for 3 years and right most is my disciple, who is helping out for 2nd day. All 3 of them wore my Nekozushi T-shirt, except for I used Matcha to cover up, haaaa....

Veena is always very nice to bring me and helper some desserts and drinks :)
This one is Gudetama Salted Egg Yolk cake from the newly opened cafe! It tastes pretty good (especially for that price) but we find the face rather... 😨 Maybe this is how he feels like before being eaten...

Finally met someone who was wearing the same shirt as me!

A photo posted by Evangeline Neo (@evacomics) on
I did a FB live and Pei Ying, one of my fans was recorded, looks like she bought lots of snacks, hehe.

June and Vivien, who couldn't get my books during AFA, came down specially to get my books and autograph, thank you so much!!!

Kasey (on my left, nickname: Kurikaeshi Sunakku), my new fan, came down to buy my book. According to her, she is cosplaying a character from Dangan Ronpa. I googled a bit and found out it's a video game but I couldn't find info for her friends' characters. It's interesting to know what kind of video games and anime that youths are interested in now :P

About the Festival

So I thought I will give a quick run-through of what this festival is about. EOY stands for End Of Year so this cosplay event happens in December each year.

Besides commercial booths, there were a lot of artist booths, most were run by students or fresh grad. I think I'm the older ones...

There is always this snacks booth but the snacks that I wanted to buy costs the same as supermarkets so I didn't get any.

There were stage performances from 12-6pm by various independent singers/cosplayers so it was a difficult to talk to fans with the loud music. I was recovering from flu but it has gotten worse after the event... 😰

There was a car. I don't know why there was a car, but there was a car. I saw a car too at AFA so maybe it's for cosplayers to strike a pose with. I'm more interested to know if anybody is buying the 4D number "1253"?


Hey dogs can be really cute cosplayers too don't you think?

This is young Trump when he had more hair XDDDD

There were many girls cosplaying as nine-tail fox characters.

This one is also pretty, seems to be from League of Legends, another video game?

About Marina Barrage
It's basically an outdoor location where schools can book a tour to visit the sustainable water gallery and the outdoor space is open 24hr.

The wind is always strong so it's a perfect place to fly kites and picnic with a nice view.

There was also an endless spawn of Onix and there were plenty of Magnemite and Voltrob too... I caught so many that I could evolve a number of them.

Ending Notes

It is a nice event to know what is the latest hit among youths and there was plenty of time to take selfies with everyone. The problem is the lack of a MRT station and there was no ATM around. Because it is a free event, most people who came were students with a very tight budget (or no budget) so book sales for two days was only half of a day at AFA. There were some people who happened to pass by while jogging or cycling, but they were not prepared to spend any money (because who brings wallet out when exercising?). Nevertheless it was fun to meet my fans who were wearing my T-shirts and I finally had time to take photos with most of them.

I would like to thank all my fans who came down to support my last event of the year in Singapore. I'm not sure if I can get a booth again at AFA so please check out my FB page regularly or subscribe to my events notification! Alternatively, you can also click on the "Following" tab on my FB page to set "See First" for my stories on your newsfeed.

My next event is a panel talk at Comic Fiesta at KL, see ya! More information here.

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