Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Making of a 3D printed toy figurine on Blokko

I was approached by a company founded in Singapore last year called Blokko, to design a toy from my Evacomics series. The portal aims to matchmake creators and 3D modellers to make toys that will be 3D printed, while payment and shipment will be all handled by their partners and we get a cut from sales.

I was told that the first modeller they found did not do a good job of my hair so they found another modeller for me called Rachel Collier, a professional 3D artist based in the US, who did a pretty good 3D rendering of my design.

Of course, I was skeptical at the quality of 3D printing at first because the 3D printed stuff that I had seen so far were no where near a decent level. But when they showed me the toys they tested out with their vendor, I was surprised that it was actually quite decent. Unlike those mass-produced vinyl toys that has flawless smooth surface, these 3D printed toys have a rough sandy texture to it that makes them feel handmade.

The final toy you will be getting will not be a heart with "SG" but instead a heart pattern as seen from my modified model sheet above.

The final toy will have these changes:
  • SG change to heart shape
  • Darker hair colour
  • Red shoes
  • Green ground

Currently we have 7 pre-orders but we need 23 more by 1st March in order for the campaign to be successful and the toys made and delivered! You will only be charged when the toy is shipped so if the campaign is not successful, you will not be charged and sadly this means my fans are not interested and there will be no Kopi and Matcha toy (T_T)

So if you like them, please head down to Blokko now to pre-order >>> https://www.blokko.com/campaign/eva

You should receive an order email afterwards, if not please write to me or Blokko. Thank you! ^^


  1. Very creative work here! Do consider linking up with an
    Event Planner Singapore to promote your works at fairs, carnivals etc =)

  2. Hi Eva, what happened to blokko?

    1. Sigh... sadly it didn't work out and they closed :(



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