Monday, February 15, 2016

Japanese smartphone camera shutter sound cannot be turned off

People who bought iPhone in Japan will be disappointed that the camera shutter sound cannot be turned off even when the phone is set to silent mode. The reason behind this madness is because Japanese are very sensitive about people taking their photos secretly, so manufacturers are not allowed to let users take photos without shutter sound. Unfortunately, other smartphones also share the same fate but I heard that it can be resolved by downloading certain apps, which of course is a bit of a hassle.

Besides that, Japanese phones are also locked to their service provider so you have to jailbreak them to use with another carrier or in another country. That is why many people buy iPhone in Singapore because it is not locked to another carrier and yes, camera shutter is turned off when the phone is in silent mode~


  1. Great!

    Here si my blog hope you like and follow it :D

  2. I do have a Japanese smartphone and now that I'm back in Germany, people always ask me why I won't mute my shutter sound ... and then I explain them that I can't and WHY I can't. *gggg*
    Oh, Japan! XD

    1. Haha I would just get a new phone :P
      I take lots of photos~



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