Monday, September 15, 2014

Evacomics Comicbookbook™ VS Ikea Bookbook Review

Introducing the new Evacomics comicbookbook™, a new device that is so simple yet life-changing!

VS Ikea Bookbook:

Side-by-side comparison:

Evacomics comicbookbook™ VS Ikea bookbook
The Evacomics comicbookbook measures 8.5"x8.5" and Ikea's bookbook is 8"x7.5".

Evacomics comicbookbook™ VS Ikea bookbook
The back is also very different. One has a funny comic strip and the other has an ad for a $69 mirror.

Evacomics comicbookbook™ VS Ikea bookbook
You will be amazed that the Comicbookbook is thicker, even though it has 128 pages whereas Bookbook has 328 pages. At Evacomics, we use only the best components to withstand the test of time and drop tests :P

Evacomics comicbookbook™ VS Ikea bookbook
Both gives you expanded display when opened. Comicbookbook makes you laugh and bookbook makes you inspired to change your furniture. Tough decision.

I hope this convinced you to buy your very own Comicbookbook™, now available at all major bookstores in Singapore. Don't worry if you live overseas, you can also buy them online at:

(print on demand version)

Or get the autographed version direct and shipped from the artist herself at

Special thanks to Ichiro Films for making this video!
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