Sunday, July 7, 2013

Thank you everyone for your feedback & encouragement

Actually, I wrote the previous post to document my journey towards my dream in case I forget the tiny details in the future. I never expected my readers to be interested to read the lengthy post and feedback. Yes, you all surprised me, so a big THANK YOU to you all!  (≧ε≦  ) And yes, I do take down all the feedback to plan out my first comic book to be published in 2013 or 2014!

However, as you know, I'm doing all work myself so it will take some time to develop Evacomics more. But here's what to expect this week:

  • Mon: Weekly comic update (not cultural comparison this time, taking a short break from comparing)
  • Tue: Tanabata Festival blog article!

*Picture above is a print out for another comic competition that I submitted last month, even though the chances of winning is near zero. I just can't stop giving up... damn.


  1. kambate eva!!! i like ur drawing so much!

  2. All the best Eva!! You can do it! :D

  3. As you said...don't give up. I do think that the saying "That whom persevere achieve" is kind of shitty because that means "do it no matter what" and when you do things that way, it will eventually come true, but if it was not meant to be it will come out crocked and not like you want it. BUT but but...if I have a dream I must focus in the goal and do what I can to get it. Try, if you don't succeed, keep already know what is the worst that can happen, so the gain is a lot more that the loss.


    1. Yeah, I hate to say but it's pointless if you persevere without know how to get to the goal =_=
      The gambaru spirit has to be paired with brains that can think of how to achieve it.
      Unfortunately mine is a bit slow XD

      But thanks for your support as always!!!

  4. がんばって

    Never give up!!!


    1. Thanks ewww ! And I already noted your earlier suggestion :P

  5. Even if the chances are close to zero, it's always worth trying!
    You never know! ^^
    Wish you all the best luck! :3

    1. Thank you Jasmine!
      I'd have hit the like button if in Facebook XD



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