Monday, June 10, 2013

Media Freedom

I really appreciate the media freedom in other countries, at least they will not arrest a comic creator, nor insist licenses be obtained if you are a news website. We rank very low in the Press Freedom Index as well.

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  1. He-he, good one.
    Proud to hear that american media is flying higher than anywhere
    Really, local media is totally $#cks, and in freedom it is not even close to Nigeria or any other similar country :lol:

    BTW, I was little offline, and glad to return. Front page was changed and many new articles added. Thanks. ewww ...

    1. Thanks ewww for returning back!
      I was wondering if you were too busy at work or had gone on a holiday :)

    2. Was extremely busy at work, and my kids returned from universities, so I was quite busy even afterwork. But it was a fun. It is much easy now, so I have some time.

      Was very happy to find that You are alive and there are many new works :)

  2. Hi Eva, very interesting blog! I learnt alot about Japan by reading your blog while camping in a starbucks in Roppongi. :D

    1. LOL, you should be out exploring Roppongi instead of reading me blabber about my boring life! XD
      Kiddin, thanks for coming and hope you're enjoying Japan so far :P
      I have a Facebook page and Google+ account too, feel free to like/follow them! :P

    2. Great to see your reply! Was just here for a short working trip and I have went around Roppongi last time in my previous trip. :D

      However I did spent sometime yesterday walking around Shinjuku, Shibuya and Harajuku. Went to have parfait in Shibuya in the Nishimura chain! It was good but fruits in Japan is really expensive! :O

      P.S I have already follow your pages in Facebook and Google. :D

    3. Thanks for the follow!!! \(≧▽≦)丿♪

      Oh the sweets and desserts here are so good!!!
      I have to keep in mind of the calories each time ><
      And the fruits... they taste nice but not fantastic for that price...
      But I heard Takano chain store sells fantastic fruits and parfait at a "fantastic price"



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