Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Namja Town in Sushine City Ikebukuro

It's Golden Week and temperatures are getting more comfortable at around 22 degrees. Time to backtrack on places that I'd visited! First, introducing Namja Town in Sunshine City Ikebukuro. Admission fee was cheap, with an option to purchase a pass that will allow you to access rides.
不知不覺又到了日本的黃金週!天氣也終於沒那麼冷了!難得有空,就介紹之前去過的室內遊樂園Namja Town。入門費很便宜,但是要進入鬼屋或坐車的話就需要買昂貴的遊玩券。

Namja Town is an interior amusement park attracting mostly students, families and girls. They have 2 main food features: gyoza and sweets/cakes.
樂園就在池袋的Sunshine City裡面。顧客群似乎都是以學生,一家人或女生居多。他們也有2大美食主題:餃子和甜點。

I had no interest in gyoza so I bought "chicken wings gyoza".

It was bloody burnt, so I requested for a replacement. The sales gave a brief look of disgust/irritation, then obliged like what good Japanese service would. The photo above was the replacement. Needless to say, the original one was burnt like charcoal.  

Gyoza meat inside but taste was average.

Looked cute but tasted average. Basically they paid great attention to the presentation of the food and charged ridiculously high premium. The taste however, was normal.

So after you eat, you had to let it out too. They had this very special toilet in the park, but I was too scared to use it...


  1. the background set an example for people who can't squeeze waste out hahaha....."The power of force"=D

    1. Coincidently your message comes right below my toilet photo... XDDD



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