Monday, May 21, 2012

Japan solar eclipse 2012 日本的金環日食2012

I woke up early at 6.45am to catch the first annular solar eclipse of my life! Without brushing my teeth and eating breakfast, I dashed downstairs to catch the sun and moon in action. Luckily it wasn't that cloudy. (photo taken with solar eclipse glasses)


While happily using my special 480yen solar glasses to see the solar eclipse, a group of 1 uncle and 2 aunties passed by and started to chit chat with me about it. So I lent them my glasses and they were thrilled. One of the uncle invited us to go up to his building to get a better view, so we all followed.

That uncle lives on the 8th floor and I could see my room from there! So he made coffee for me and another auntie offered her special plum in exchange for lending them my solar glasses. (I should have tidied my hair because uncle guessed that I was a housewife... ...) So we chit chatted a bit and they were looking around to shout at other neighbors, who were also out to view the solar eclipse with their special glasses.
歐吉桑住8樓,從他那裡可以看到我的房間!!!他們還請我喝咖啡,吃酸梅...  就這樣我輪流借我的日食眼鏡給他們看。(歐吉桑竟然猜我是家庭主婦了...可惡...早知道整理一下頭髮再出門)

 ...and finally, the grand solar eclipse!!! :DDDDD

Luckily the clouds were thin and for a moment, you could see the gold ring with your naked eyes!

Soon after, it became more and more cloudy and difficult to see the eclipse. The uncles and aunties gang retreated but I stayed on for a while before packing up to leave. It was great! :D


  1. Eva, You are awesome! Your works are brilliant!

    Your secret admirer.

    1. Awe~ Thank you very much! Hope you enjoyed my solar eclipse photos! :D

  2. Wow~~ Lucky U! Will nvr get to see that in Sg.

    1. Ya lor, it's always partial eclipse in Singapore XD

  3. Wooot...nice pics. Last time I saw a solar eclipse was back in 1996...woow times does fly. Why on earth do people aorund you don´t find it amusing?! I mean, birds actually go to sleep and have the shortest night sleep ever and wake up cranky and roosters start singing...I guess you didn´t hear them being in Tokyo and all...but it happens :P

    1. I think because they were busy rushing their reports XD
      Well no roosters here, but lots of stray cats. They're freakin noisy when Spring comes... you know why... ...

  4. I managed to completely miss it ...
    I was up at that time, but didn't have any special glasses, so I couldn't dare to look ... and of course my photos also didn't work out without the special glasses!!!
    Too bad ;o;

    1. Ah! It wasn't cloudy at your place right?
      Did you catch the venus crossing?
      I tried to... but... it was raining in Tokyo...

    2. It was a little cloudy, but it was visible .. just not to me! ;o;

      I missed basically everything so far! I'm really bad at it, I guess! ^-^;;



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