Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Japan New Year Sale and Lucky Bags 日本新年大減價和福袋

I wasn't around during last new year so I ordered my L'occitane lucky bag online. This year I decided to go to Mitsui Outlet and Shinjuku.
There were some lively performances at the Tama Minami Osawa branch. It's located at Tokyo city's outskirts and train ride costs 390yen, around 35-40mins from Shinjuku via Keio line.
多摩南大沢的outlet有一些表演和活動,非常熱鬧。 從新宿乘坐35分鐘的電車就到了。

People can be seen queuing outside the Coach outlet but I find that the selection and special offer same as Gotemba Premium Outlet's. I was surprised to find Lacoste special offer not as good as a normal day's discounted price at Gotemba. Disappointed, we decided to shop at random to see if there's any nice lucky bag. There are many kinds of lucky bag. For apparel, it's mostly winter wear. There are also lucky bags for bags, winter/hair accessories, cosmetics, sports, shoes, home and living, etc. No spring/summer apparel.

We found this local apparel shop carrying various fashionable winter wear and happen to grab on to the last lucky bag priced at 8400yen for 8 random items. A coat, a dress, a cardigan, a sweater, an accessories and other random items are guranteed. Usually lucky bags cannot be opened, but the sales was kind enough to let us have a small peep inside.

Of course, curiosity kills the cat and since we have the last piece, I decided to buy and find out what's inside...

It was rather exciting digging out the items, if you're really curious about what's inside, you can go to my guifu blog (another blog that I keep track about my shopping). I was satisfied about my lucky bag
since it contains some fashionable clothes that I would otherwise not buy or wear. Of course those ugly items would be worn at home.

The next day, 2nd Jan, we hit down Shinjuku department stores to check out their sale. However, it turns out that discount was mediocre, insufficient to spend our time there since Gotemba outlet's discounts are way better. Of course, Singapore has the best sale prices. As for the lucky bags, it depends if you're willing to take the risk to accept whatever that's inside. For me, it's a great way to start the new year with cheap fashionable good quality new clothes :P



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