Friday, January 6, 2012

[103] Perception on Failure 失敗的看法

Inspired from Thomas Edison's famous quotes on failure. When asked by a reporter on how it feels to fail 1000 times. He replied that he had simply found 1000 ways that wouldn't lead to success. There are many variations to this and I'm not sure which is the exact words that he had said. But nevertheless, the message is clear, failures will eventually lead to success, don't give up.



  1. True! And thank you, reading it makes me feel better about my 789 failures so far (lol...not keeping track just random number...but it surely feel that number is very close to the real one).

    Truth we have success in many of those failures...hell I met my other half after many failures so I guess I shold focus failures per subject :D

  2. Hi creepo!

    Lol, glad to know that you met your other half through failures but eventually leading to success! Of course... I wouldn't mind reducing the failure count too :P

  3. Hahahaha!
    The quote is interesting~~ maybe we shld count the small successes tt we achieved too!



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