Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Marina Bay Sands 滨海湾金沙酒店

The only place that I would like to check out during my short holiday back home was the newly opened Marina Bay Sands hotel.

Sky Park 空中公園
You'll need to queue for the $20 Sky Park tickets at Tower 3 if you would like to check out their stunning view and incredible swimming pool that was only accessible to hotel guests. If you applied for their privilege card, you can get a 30% off voucher for a Sky Park ticket. If you dine at their Sky Park restaurants, you can also access there for free.

The Sky Park is located at floor 57 and there are only two restaurants: "Ku De Ta" and "Sky on 57". Reservation is strongly recommended because when we were there, both were fully booked till 9.30pm. Both restaurants are reputable for fine dining but Sky on 57 was said to be heavily short handed and unable to receive phone calls.
空中公園位於57樓,有兩家餐廳:Ku De Ta和 Sky on 57。我強力推薦預約,因為我們去的時候兩家都已經客滿了。而且Sky on 57因為人手不足,無法接電話!

We lingered around till sunset for the night view. Their pool was cool.

We can see our durian head Esplanade from here.

We can also see the river filled with wishing boats and Fullerton Hotel behind.
還可以看到浮滿了許願船和的新加坡河和對岸的Fullerton Hotel.

This is the nice looking Flyer, which has the most boring ride.

Restaurants 餐廳
This is some waste-of-water show at their convention and shopping mall at the opposite, where the casino is.

Due to the school holidays and end-of-year season, all restaurants that we went to were fully booked although it was a Monday night. Even food court was crammed with people. It was a huge disappointment that many restaurants were still unopened. Hotel staff were not even sure about the store and restaurant locations or whether they had opened or not. Overall, it was a chaotic and confusing experience.
雖然是星期一晚上,但是因為是學校假期,又加上是年末,所以我們去過的餐廳都沒位了。 連食閣都擠滿了人潮。很多餐廳也還沒開始營業,讓我大感失望。就連酒店人員都不太清楚商店和餐廳的位置和到底開了沒有。總得來說,是一個很混亂的經驗。

We finally went to a cafe called Beanstro near the Chanel boutique, which was the only place with seats at 8pm.

We ordered roasted lamb leg $29 and it was really well done, finally something good for the night.

Their Florentine fruit cake was really good too.

This Linzer surprise cake was not bad, with a fruity flavor and strawberry glaze on top.

My thoughts 感想
My opinion about this place would be better if only all restaurants are opened and hotel staff were well informed about their shops and restaurants. I could sense that they were heavily short-handed and could not handle the holiday crowd well.

I would also rather have the traditional store listing like what Suntec has, than the interactive store directory map, which was responding poorly. If they can improve their communication between the concierge and restaurants, we wouldn't have to walk from one place to another place to ask and waste our time and energy. My rating for this place would be excellent if only all shops and restaurants are opened.

To get there by public transport 公共交通:
Take MRT to Marina Bay(North South line) or Promenade (Circle line) mrt, then take a bus down. There should be a small notice pasted somewhere, which teaches you how to get to MBS. Otherwise, you can always ask the MRT staff.

From Marina Bay mrt exit B, turn right and you'll see MBS. Walk towards MBS and cross the road. From there, many people simply chooe to walk, but if you're lazy like us, just turn left and walk to the bus stop to take bus 106 or 133. If you're lost, taxi fare costs around $7 during peak hour.

搭地鐵到Marina Bay(North South線)或Promenade(Circle線)地鐵站,然後轉搭巴士下去。快出地鐵門卡的時候應該會貼有告示,教你如何到濱海灣金沙。要不然可以問那裡的工作人員。

從Marina Bay地鐵站的B出口轉右,直走過馬路可看到MBS。假如選擇走到MBS的話,可以繼續往前走,要不轉左到車站搭106或133巴士。假如迷路的話,計程車費在繁忙時段約$7。

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