Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mt. Takao 高尾山

I finished my GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) on Friday so I was thrilled that the autumn leaves waited for me to see them, thanks to the warmer temperatures which delayed this year's red leaves viewing.
今年的紅葉因為受到比往年更暖的氣候影響,所以較晚變紅。很慶幸秋季的葉子有等我在星期五考完GMAT :P

My friend and I took the JR Chuo train down and transferred to Keio line to Takaoguchi station. Didn't realize that I could have taken the direct train from Shinjuku. The train ride if I remember was nearly an hour and everywhere was congested when we reached there.

This would have been a better picture if that ojisan wasn't there...

My first time seeing actual red maple (kaede) leaves.

We bought the tickets for the sky lift then queued for about 30min for our turn. Ladies toilets were crowded all the way from the station to the top, so I avoided drinking water.
買了空中lift(?)的票之後,還得等約30分鐘後才輪到我們上去。 女生廁所從車站到山頂都大排長龍,所以我儘量不喝水。

Even deity babies need fleece vests to keep them warm!

There were so many temples and shrines that I didn't bother to take photographs for all of them. We realized that there were more red and yellow leaves at the bottom than the top of the mountain.

We happened to see this trail which was said to be the most difficult trekking course so we challenged ourselves thinking that it couldn't be that bad compared to our smooth easy journey up. Damn, we didn't expect that it was so different! Sometimes the trail was just rocks intertwined with roots and sometimes it was slippery due to the condensed moisture.

After experiencing trekking in both Korea and Japan, I always find that the local old folks, who seem to be in their 50s or 60s, are more energetic than us (city dwellers). In fact, they always overtake us and I felt as though that we were obstructing their way... It simply means that I need to exercise more.


  1. Sounds like fun to me~~ the scenery is sooooo beautiful!

  2. 太美了,好想去的說\(^o^)/~

  3. hui: Yes it was beautiful! But the top was soso... We joked that they purposely placed the nice red trees at the bottom to lure us to go up...

    秋陽: 看看這週末還有沒有嘍~ :P



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