Saturday, February 20, 2010

Japan Creative Centre 日本創意中心

So today me and my friends went to visit a design exhibition held at JCC. We've never been there so we took a long time to figure that the entrance was NOT along Nassim Road. In fact, it's right next to Delphi Orchard across the road -_-

今天我和幾位朋友到位於Nassim Road的日本創意中心。原本以為是在Nassim Road,結果找了5分鐘後,發現入口原來就在Orchard Delphi的對面 -_-

As you can see, the Japan Creative Centre is actually a renovated single-storey bungalow. Our Singapore government had rented it out to the Japanese embassy for 5 years free of charge. When you enter, you need to write your name and IC for security purpose.


We didn't know who is Yuji Kimura or what kind of exhibition we'll be expecting. All we know is that there's a lot of editorial designs.

我們不太清楚展覽的內容,只是覺得沒來過就不如走走。原來現在展覽的是Editorial designer Yuji Kimura的作品。

The exhibition area was not big, but decent enough for a small-scale art exhibition. Other areas of the bungalow was not opened to public. Hence if you think that JCC is like a museum with permanent exhibits, well, sorry, there's only space for one exhibition.


One nice thing is the ambiance. The Centre sits on an elevated ground so you get to see a nice green scenery from inside. Feels "classy". They also have a small library with Muji furniture.

因為健在小坡上,所以氣氛是蠻好的。 外面祿陰的景色也很舒服。中心內也設有一間有很多“無印良品”的小圖書館。

We went in to check out their collection and they have all kinds of books related to Japanese culture as well as a good selection of tourists brochures and maps for you to take home. They were also screening a kimono demo video as well as a endless loop of an anime trailer (which became irritating after some time). If they can have a Japanese dessert cafe would be nice :)

The toilets were remarkably clean (good job to the cleaner!) but pretty small.

Exhibitions and visiting info are all here:

圖書館內有很多各種關於日本的書籍和旅遊冊子。2台大電視也在播一部和服的穿著示範和一部動畫的廣告(重複播放的聲音很煩)。我覺得假如有開一間小日本甜點店也應該不錯 :P




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