Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year 2010

Looking back at the year of the Ox 2009...

I find myself plagued with illnesses such as sinus infection, gastric flu, sore throats, flu and diarrhea... Luckily as a civil servant, I have up to 30 days medical leave. They are nothing life threatening but it's annoying nevertheless and I have to find people to cover me while I'm sick. Even now as I'm typing, I'm down again with flu -______________________-

I'd tried bird's nest for 3 months, yes, BIRDS NEST but it doesn't help to improve my immunity at all. Grrrrrr.........Maybe because they're the cheap ready to eat kind. I find chicken essence with cordyceps more effective but I can't drink it when I'm having sore throat.

Looking at my astrology chart (ziwei) for Tiger year, it seems that it will be another year of illnesses which will be more severe than this year. This means time to stock vitamin pills and buy insurance in case anything happens.



看著我的虎年紫微命盤,可能會有更嚴重的疾病。 所以得找一些維他命丸來吃了。保險方面也一定要買。

Achievements in Ox Year

Well first of all, I got the scholarship to Japan of course (more details later). I also finished my 34 pages short story comic for the Kodansha manga competition. The results will be out in March and I do pray that at least I get shortlisted this time :/

Other achievements... I managed to buy an expensive bag and a pair of expensive shoes (I'm so vain, yes). My final kills before reverting my status back to a poor no-income student. Of course, I did try to clear a lot of my books and comics to get some cash back.

Last but not least, I finally bought my first stock through DBS Vickers. Go Singapore resorts, GO~~~

首先當然是我的奬學金(以後更多詳情),還有畫完的34頁短篇漫畫。希望在3月份的成績公佈中會至少被入圍 :/

其它收穫包括我的名貴包包和名牌鞋子 (真愛美)。這應該是我還是上班族的最後一筆奢侈的消費吧? (自言:很難說)當然我也嘗試賣掉我的漫畫和許多書籍。


Resolutions for the New Year
  1. Achieve JLPT1 certification
  2. Enroll into a masters program in Tokyo
  3. Finish 100 webcomic strips
  4. Write a short story comic plot.

  1. 獲得日語能力試驗1級
  2. 被東京某大學院錄取
  3. 完成100篇四格漫畫
  4. 寫一篇短篇漫畫的劇本


  1. 多多運動可以增加抵抗力~~

  2. 唉,我就是懶惰,少運動


  3. can teach mi 紫微命盤 ?? how to see ?

  4. It's too complicated, I'm also still learning!

  5. can u how mi see my 命盤 ?

  6. I'm a beginner so I only attempted to read my own and family's chart. I consulted my friend who took classes from a master. Why not you take class or pick up some books?

  7. hmm..ok but at least u are a beginner mean that your level is there for mi i duno the meaning of those word and the number so hope that u can help mi anyway to contact u then here at least no need to wait and wait for each other reply? hmm...where to take the class ? where to book those book .

  8. i have add in the facebook incase u don't know that is mi .

  9. Sorry Anonymous, I'm a comic artist, not a ziwei master. I crash course from my friend to read my own chart and don't want to be liable for any other people because I do make wrong readings.

    You can take course from here:

    Or put up your bazi to let amateurs to read for you:

    Please don't bug me anymore, thanks.

  10. ok..sorry . anyway thank .. .

  11. Oh, that's one was good. How could I miss it :)




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