Monday, May 6, 2019

Book Launch and Signing at Kinokuniya, Takashimaya Singapore (4 May 2019)

It was great to be back at Kinokuniya again. They had been hosting all my book launches these past 5 years.

Initially I had a presentation showing some slides about the making of the book, but because I brought a no-brand adapter to try out with my iPad, it failed to work on that day. But nevertheless since I only planned to talk for max. 10min (it cannot be too long because there's still a demo, Q&A and book signing back to back with another artist), so I already prepared another version without the slides in case the adapter didn't work. But you bet I will be bringing my thumb drive and purchasing Apple-original adapters if it is a 30min long talk session!

So I spent more time doing demo instead.

I asked for a volunteer to be drawn and I got a young cute volunteer, Isaac!

Because it was on 4th May, the Star Wars day, I signed off with a special note. I thought Isaac would be interested to take the drawing but in the end it was left there and given to another fan.

Very happy some fans wore my T-shirt to the event! Maybe I will do again if I have a booth end of the year, or maybe put on Society6.

Once again, I over-ran the slot and signed till 6pm at another location. I'm impressed this time there is a small table. Last time it was just a makeshift book trolley :P

Photo credit: Zenus
Also signed for the head of Kinokuniya Singapore, who had been very supportive of local book authors :)

Photo credits to fans: Victor, Veena, Aaron (@reddy1724), Jas, Midori Kame, Joyce, Esme (@esme.l.l), Ummiman (@ummimanwrites) and Natalia.
A big THANK YOU to all my fans and friends who came down to support my event on that day and many had to wait more than 45mins! I truly hope that you enjoyed the event and find the book interesting and useful!!!

Also special thanks to my patrons who also came down: Midori Kame, Esme and Denver! And another big big thanks to my special fan volunteer: Zenus, who helped me take photos and live video for my FB fan group! Also thanks to Emmanuel, my apprentice, who helped me take photos and was responsible for the colouring for some chapters like One Piece and Gundam.

Finally big thanks to my publisher: Tuttle! Although there were some misunderstandings and conflicts with my editor for doing the countless number of changes, the suggestions were actually very good and made this book better. I hope our efforts are worth it and the book is helpful and interesting for our readers 💖


  1. I'm glad you had a great book launch! My library is willing to buy most books from Tuttle, so I've put in a request for them to purchase yours!

    1. Thanks Lissa! Actually where are you based at?

    2. I'm in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA. And the library approved the purchase! So they'll likely buy at least a couple. I hope to purchase your books myself one day, but I always try to get my library to purchase books I'm interested in or want to support too. (And my library system has over a dozen locations too.) I know it helps boost the author's sales and hopefully introduces more people to that author too. =)

    3. That's great! Thank you so much for getting it for your library and hope you will like it too! :D



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