Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Takashimaya Japan Food Matsuri in Singapore

Ok I'm back blogging again! Woho~ (Because I finished some projects and editing my new book) This time I visited the Japan Food Matsuri (matsuri means festival) at Takashimaya basement 2 hall to check out what they brought in from Japan 👊 The fair runs from 28 Sep to 14 Oct.

 My friend and I were hungry after our yoga class so we headed straight to our first stop, RAMEN!

The seats are in Japanese street style and I ordered the Aburi Chashu Ramen for $12.80, while my friend ordered the regular shoyu ramen for $10. The meat and vegetables portions were generous.

We love the soft boiled egg that had absorbed some shoyu flavour and the whole ramen was 👍👍👍

There was live soba-making demo too for those who want to eat fresh soba!

I contemplated the bento but the price... 😢

 This was more within my reach and it was delicious! (I realised later they are from Teppei Syokudo)

 I was thinking of getting this... but I was too full and my dinner menu was set~

There was sushi too, but I think I won't have space to eat other things if I get this...

 The crab bento were also $$$

This stall had affordable seafood street snacks. I tried the jumbo crab croquette for $7.50 but didn't like it...

Friend bought this for $4.80 and the squid flavour was strong... (because it is a squid)

 Besides food, they also sell fruits! Like expensive melons...

...and expensive grapes!
I actually like these Japanese green grapes, called Muscat. But it is at least $19/pack, so bye bye 👋

They also sell the expensive wagyu Japanese beef! I was tempted to buy because they were slightly cheaper than the Japanese supermarkets, but I guess I will spend on dessert instead...

Sadly both purple sweet potato and matcha were sold out... According to the lady, new stock for purple sweet potato might come on Thur evening... but who knows it might be sold out as soon as it comes???

So I ordered egg custard which tasted...hmm ok. I liked the mochimochi chewy texture but it would have tasted so much better if it was matcha or purple sweet potato 💔

 These small mochi costs $3 each and I was already too full to try any...

 More traditional Japanese sweets! Too bad I hit the quota for today!

There's melon pan too! The usual ones don't have filling but I saw some had according to Instagram posts...

There was live wagashi making! Wagashi 和菓子 means traditional Japanese sweets. These sweets are usually made from red beans. Each pc costs $6.

There was sake tasting $15/$20. We picked $15 set.

We paired the sake with wagashi... I must say, it was a bad decision 😅
Nevertheless I had water to rinse my mouth so I could refresh my palate. Wagashi for me had always been too sweet to eat but tasty for my camera.

It would have been great to pair with hot green tea but we chose sake instead because... you can't find sake tasting easily elsewhere 😅

We thoroughly enjoyed the Japan food matsuri and spent a good 2.5 hours there. There wasn't just food but also dried food, honey, crafts and more, direct from Japanese companies. I think it is much better than some other theme fairs that charge an entrance ticket and you have to queue very long and pay exorbitant prices for food inside. So I highly recommend anybody who loves Japanese food and culture to check it out, especially on weekday. Because you know, weekend is going to be like this:

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  1. Yeah, cantaloupe for $29 ... ( $30 USD ) that is awesome :LOL:
    Food here is uber expensive ...

    ewww ...



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