Monday, August 20, 2018

Comics: Snowball Effect on social media

I used to post a lot of my problems on my personal account and people would start commenting on what I should do even though they may not have done it before. Many times I become even more frustrated than when I started off. Then along the way there are flame wars and friends unfriended or blocked... somehow people are merciless to people whom they never met before.

Hence now I keep most of the things to myself or just message my friends privately to rant. How about you? Do you have such problem?


  1. Hello, Eva! I've learned about your blog from a friend of mine who is living in Japan right now, but came from Singapore.

    I have an almost similar experience like this, but it's not social media. It's IRL. I used to share my problems with people I'm confident in. I did that because I feel like maybe their advice will help me. However, because I was mostly listening to their ideas and not mine, I got confused and stuck on what to do.

    It's why I decided to entertain my own ideas instead because who knows where it will take me ^_^

    1. Hi Rigel, thank you for dropping by my blog! Boy I miss Japan :)
      I'm getting more careful about sharing any complaints on social media because it might be shared to the person you don't want them to know, haha. So I rant to people IRL now...



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