Saturday, June 16, 2018

Face Shower Bar by Irén Review (thorough facial within 30min in Singapore)

I was too busy and did not do any facial for a year already. Coincidently I was invited to try out this quick facial that promises to thoroughly clean your clogged pores and sooth your skin within 30min using their very own formulated skin care made in Japan. So the deal was if it was good I will write a blog, if not I will pay for my own treatment. So as you can see, I was satisfied 😆

Their products are customised for busy women, which means you don't have to pat the liquid in and wait before putting the next product. You can just put the serum on your face and it will be absorbed. The serum can be the last step of your skincare routine and you can put on your own moisturiser if you wish to.

They have 3 beauty advisors on standby so you can just walk in for your facial without making appointments. In fact, priority is given to walk-in customers. Even if you have to wait, it wouldn't be too long.

You have to register your mobile first to get a queue ticket. First time customers can do a trial facial for $48 (usual: $90), which is a good price to try out first 😊

The waiting area is very sweet and you can remove your makeup first while waiting or they can do it for you later.

The "shower" room feels like a mixture of dental and shower! They even have a blue towel to cover your legs so you won't feel cold during the facial. The deco is creative!

I laughed my way...

They will apply sun screen at the end of the facial, which I think covers up the pores, so I took the close up photo after my skincare routine at home. The pores appeared cleaned.

They gave me a few full-size serums to try out. If they work well I will go into detail in another post 😅

They used a special machine that emits water and sucks it back to clean the pores thoroughly. So there was no miserable painful extraction and reddening of skin afterwards. But I also wasn't sure if it was to the credit of the additional $40 "in-shower mask" (that extended the facial for another 15min). There were various kinds and the one chosen for me was the dead sea mask for sensitive and dehydrated skin.

Overall I am very happy with the facial and willing to pay $48 for a quick one, or $88 with the additional mask for my first trial.


One Raffles Link
B1-17A Citylink Mall (near Marina Square exit)
Singapore 039393

11.00am to 9.30pm daily

Contact: 6920 8772

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