Monday, October 16, 2017

Comics: Women during travel

I do feel like a hamster storing extra food that I don't need, because just in case... I booked ANA instead of Singapore Airline this time for my trip to Japan because of the extra checked in luggage allowance, hope I don't blow it this time!


  1. This was me when I visited Taipei while living in Japan. My moisturizer was so much cheaper I think I bought 4 liters of the stuff. Then a miracle happened and my overweight luggage was put through no problem! I guess the flight was underweight overall, I'll never understand what happened. :D

    1. WOW 4L!!! That's like mineral water. Do they sell in bulk like that!? (°ロ° )
      It would look like you're importing milk...
      What brand is it?



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