Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Book Talk and Signing at Kinokuniya, Takashimaya (23 Sep 2017)

Very happy to return after a year to Kinokuniya to do my book signing again! 😊

I was delighted to catch Johnny Lau when I reached there and quickly got his autograph and bought his book 😀 It's wonderful that our local icon Mr. Kiasu is making a comeback, so please support ok? (The book is very affordable too XD)

I gave a brief 15min talk about my personal journey before the books came out followed by a drawing demo. Only then more people started to gather. (Eh...my story very dry ah?)

First is to demonstrate drawing my own characters.

Then I invited someone up to draw him/her. In this case was Sarah.

Sarah actually brought Matcha the cat along 😻, she is obviously a big fan of mine~

Book signing took some time again. I recognised some fans who always come for my book release, thank you very much!

Didi Amzar, one of my patreons, also came and we met for first time! Patreon is a program whereby you support the creator with a monthly tip/subscription so he/she can continue producing cool work for everyone.


If you are interested in the demo, Kinokuniya has recorded them and uploaded on their Instagram:

Lasly, many thanks to Kinokuniya for hosting my book signing, MPH distributors for organising this event and my friends: Constance and James for helping me take the photos!

P.S. I am working on my fourth book with an American publisher about traveling to Tokyo so I will visiting Japan in mid Oct! However book release works differently from SE Asia so the book will only be out at bookstores worldwide (yes including US and Japan) in Fall 2019. I may do FB live during weekday/weekend night when I'm in Tokyo, will you all be interested?

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