Monday, August 8, 2016

Comics: Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go was finally released in Singapore last Saturday (6th Aug) but I haven't catch anything yet... Maybe I should light up some incenses and use some lures too.

But maybe I will become tanned and muscular after a month. After all, I had never walked so much continuously in Singapore before... I walked a lot in Japan because the weather was cool, but no... not in Singapore... until this game...

While everybody caught normal pokemons, I caught this... on my desktop, HA~

Happy Birthday Singapore!
Since my Telco will be providing free data tomorrow, guess what I'd be doing :P


  1. Hello Eva, just curious,
    Would you come again to Popcon Asia in Jakarta this year? Thank you very much!

    1. I would love to but the layout for this year is not favourable. I wanted to do book signing at bookstores for the second book release but my publisher feedback that the sales from first book was not good so I am waiting for their reply to see if they are still keen to publish and do book signing, hopefully at Kinokuniya and Gramedia.



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