Monday, June 6, 2016

Another Naiise retail shop for local artists and designers to showcase and sell our products

If you have been receiving all the posts from my FB and Instagram, you'll know that my book and cat cushions are now selling at all 6 Naiise outlets in Singapore. They opened a brand new flagship store at the Cathay's basement this month and they invited all suppliers to party!

The first thing I do is of course a book hunt. They have books from many local artists and writers, as well as some artyfarty international selections.

Next is to hunt down my cat, Matcha! It was hiding alone at a tent, hopefully can meet someone nice to adopt soon! I still have 160 of its cousins and they have been neutered to stop breeding. They are all looking forward to new homes soon.

Mission accomplished, so can begin to EATTTTT!

The store is really HUGE and very well laid out. There was no clutter at all and easy to find what you want.

The experience reminds me of Taiwan's Eslite bookstores. Naiise is like a local version but with a much more minimalist approach (and save renovation cost).

Gone were the days you buy Merlion chocolates, keychains or BBQ pork as souvenirs for your overseas friends. Now you can buy really cool and unique souvenirs from our local designers reflecting our Singaporean culture! Many are done in a humorous but meaningful way too!

I'm thinking of doing small size keychain plushies like these next time and no more cushions, what do you think?

Or I can do metallic pins. It's inspiring to see so many cool ideas :)

Paper pads as kueh and five stones as dumplings!

There are also many accessories!

 There are lots of bags and apparel too!

They have fitting rooms so you can be sure the size fits you! I think I will design some shirts after I finish the book!

The guy up here is Dennis Tay, who is the founder of Naiise. I think he must be a pretty cool boss because you can sense everyone at Naiise put their heart and soul into the marketing, decoration and operation of the stores. Thanks to him and his dedicated team, we have such a cool platform to showcase and sell our work. If they do well, so do we :)

Please come and support them at:

2 Handy Road
The Cathay, #B1-08
Singapore 229233
12pm-10pm daily

For other branches and operating hours, visit their website here.
#supportlocalhor #otherwiseWeStarve #thenNoMoreLocalCultureLiao

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