Friday, May 13, 2016

New yoga studio opens in SAFRA Punggol!

Finally a yoga studio near home! I was enthusiastic and purchased Yoga Inc.'s special opening package of 5 classes to try out, sorry offer no more ^^;;

The studios have no air-con and rely on ventilators and ceiling fans, so they can get kind of warm during the late morning classes that I usually go to. Maybe the night time classes will be more comfortable.

You can take your towels near the counter, remember to take off your shoes when you enter!

They sell some yoga props, outfit and drinks too. But the main studio at Guillemard has more selection.

There are 4 shower cubicles and a wash basin. Toilets are located outside the studio.

There are combs, hair dryers, tissue paper and plastic bags for you to dabao your sweaty clothes home.

You have to bring your own locks to keep your things but you can also borrow them at the counter if you forgot to bring~

Class fees range between $20-40 per class depending on the package you signed up with. Their prenatal class seems popular, maybe because there are many young couples living in Punggol. For newbies, I would recommend taking the Basic or Hatha class first to see if you like doing yoga, and comfortable with a no air-con studio or not. All teachers have different way of teaching so you might want to try out different teachers to see which one you like best.

For more info about their classes, teachers, fees and other locations (like Tiong Bahru), you can visit their website here: 

Getting There:

You can board bus 382W or 382G at Punggol bus terminal. Both buses are on the same route just different directions. 382W is faster and you can alight at the 2nd bus stop but you have to cross the road to the building.

When you reach SAFRA Punggol, it's actually on the "third floor" so you have to take a lift down to first floor or take the stairs on the right side to go down. I personally prefer the lift because the stairs are not sheltered...

Issho Family Restaurant, Jack's Place, Nom La La, Pin Si, Pizza Hut and Siam Thai are already opened. McDonald's will open on 15th May with drive through. My classmate who works there recommended the Thai food restaurant but if you run out of choices, there is always a Waterway Point mall to makan.

Yoga has been helpful to relief my neck and shoulder ache from long hours of drawing, so if you are a victim of long hours of desk work, I highly recommend doing yoga or do some basic stretching at home if you have the self discipline (obviously I don't) :P

Thank you for reading, namaste!

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