Monday, May 11, 2015

Wedding gift packet rate in Japan and Singapore

This comic was inspired by a Japanese acquaintance who told me that she mistakenly gave SG$300 to her colleague's wedding without knowing that she could just give $80-100 instead. So yup, do find out from local friends if you ever invited to attend a local wedding! And if you are invited to a wedding in Japan, you can check out my guide here!


  1. Oh yeah, being invited to a Japanese wedding can be so expensive! T_T
    I've been to quite a few. ^^; (Byebye, money!)
    If you have to travel quite far just to get to the wedding, it even hurts more, but sometimes they gave me part of the money back, cuz they were thankful I came from so far away. :)

    1. WHOAH, they are kind ;)
      So how are you adjusting to new life in Germany?
      I might be going back to Japan in late Oct for a month of blogging and drawing ;)



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