Monday, October 6, 2014

What to do when it gets too hot

This is the original version... but the haze in Singapore became heavy today... (from fires in Indonesia) so I changed it to this:

I guess we need air-con anyway...


  1. I would describe japanese manner of dealing with stuff they can´t control like weather and climate as "resignation"...they just give up and accept what is thrown at them

    Like for instance...that Typhoon that hit Tokyo yesterday..that was a typhoon strong enough to make me stay home but theey were people out with their umbrellas doing the absurdity of fighting against the wind and watching how that umbrela got ripped from their hand...why go out?! "oh I must get to work"...whaaaaat?

    1. HAHAAHA Creepo! You are so right about people still outside during the typhoon and trying their luck with the umbrellas! In fact I was trapped in university once during typhoon because our professor DID NOT LET US off when it was still safe!!!

      He had to wait till it became DANGEROUS and then tell us to go back. As freshmen and gaijin newbies in Japan, we didn't know how bad it will be so when we went downstairs we found out that it was too late =_=;; And yes, that was the first time I experience typhoon. I fell sick the next day.

      I blogged about it here:
      and flu got worse and I became a TB suspect:
      and finally they decided I don't have TB:

    2. Oh I do rememeber...I also rememeber you were quite the poor little sick girl in Japan and the flu chased you like Jason in Friday the 13th chases a girl. I even rememeber you were trying a homemade remedy for the cough and I even gave you tips :P

    3. YES YES YES! You remember well creepo!!!
      I wish a handsome guy chase me instead haha...



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