Monday, November 5, 2012

Automation in Japan 日本的所謂自動

I guess Japanese companies love to communicate directly with their customers...



  1. He-he, that's good one :)

    Some time ago I was booking hotel in Nagano, where I planned to go for snowboarding. There are many small hotels, and many of them had reservation form, where You may input amount of rooms, guests, children, etc. It is funny that 'Book' button redirects You sometime to the page with phone number or e-mail address, and here could be notice: "Our personell speaks only Japanese". BTW, sending e-mail to japanese-only hotel keeper is working very well. ewww...

    1. LOL, I never tried to email them XD
      So did they reply you in Japanese or English?
      Or they didn't reply you at all? haha

    2. They replied me in english, message was composed with google translator, but I have rather vivid imagination and after exchanging with several messages I was able to book room for a week. It was family hotel and they were so kind with me :P ewww...



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