Monday, September 10, 2012

Difference in family education 家庭教育的差別

This comic was based on actual encounter. Unfortunately, we don't teach our kids well to clean up their own trash after consuming and they grow up to assume that littering or creating a mess, creates jobs for the cleaners.




  1. Wow, you actually saw good kids like that?
    Well, I guess there are some.
    I teach kids. I'm together with Japanese kids every single day. Let me tell you that quite a lot of them aren't well-behaved AT ALL!!!
    God, I could tell you stories ....

    But of course I don't know how all of that compares to Singapore! *g*

    1. HAHA, sounds like devils from hell!?
      How come it sounds so different from the ones I saw in Shizuoka?
      Maybe because we're visitors so they behave especially well??? :P

  2. The last time I went to Japan Disneyland, there was this group of kids eating waffles while standing cause there were no seats. One of them accidentally dropped a mini piece (like...around 20 cent size?) of waffle. I know I shouldn't be laughing at them but they were all frantically finding tissues to pick up that small piece and it doesn't help that most of them , both hands are holding their own drinks & waffles ! Malaysians would just step on the dropped waffle and pretend to not see it at all.

    1. Maybe because it's Disneyland?
      If you drop a piece on the floor, you would be cursed eternally to drop your ice-cream in the future.
      Muahahahaha~~~~ XD



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