Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Different Food, different effects! 不同國家的食物,不同的效果!

Typhoon in Tokyo now! So everyone in Japan should be at home, surfing the internet, and it's the perfect time to update :P


  1. I already commented on Facebook, too, but as this is going to be longer, I thought it's probably better to post here! ^-^;

    When I moved to Japan many years ago I actually gained weight! Originally I'm from Germany, so maybe that's why.
    I noticed that Americans almost always lose weight!

    To me most Japanese food has too much fat (tempura and all that fried stuff) and too much sugar!!
    I heard from American co-workers that Japanese products are by far not as sweet as in America!!
    I don't want to imagine how sweet stuff over there must be then! Eww (x_X') ...

    Traditinal Japanese food is very healthy and makes a good diet, but all the "modern" food is not! Just look at all the conbini food, for example!
    I think it's easy to gain weight in Japan!

    Ok, I have to admit that probably one reason for my weight gain was also that I wanted to try all the delicious food when I first came to Japan, so I guess I ate more than usually! ^-^;; ....

    I'm not sure about the last picture. Is that supposed to be spicy food? That's like the only thing I can't eat! You know .. like Korean kimchi and the likes! ^-^;

    P.S.: The typhoon was supposed to hit Kansai area (where I live) earlier today, but then they took back all the warnings and we weren't hit as badly. I still got a day off from work! Yay!
    Hope you guys down in Kanto are ok! :/

    1. Hmm... I find American cakes much much sweeter than Japanese dessert, and the portions are generally much bigger. Japanese sweets are very small portioned but they have very sweet and average sweet IMO~

      LOL, I find that Japanese food either have the raw stuff, or the fried stuff. But then again, there's the gyudon... XD So you're partially right, if you eat those fried, it's not that healthy, but if you eat the raw stuff, it's very healthy yo!

      I'm not sure about your combini, but mine here sells healthy salads and pasta :P Of course, they have the fried stuff too near the counter XD

      Last is spicy food and hot weather in Singapore!

      Kanto is saved from Typhoon 5 too!

    2. About the sweets-I go to Asia once every year, and I'm thinking about how American desserts are sweeter, larger, and just too unhealthy.

    3. Yes Floreana, the American cakes are loaded with too much sugar... too sweet for my taste!

  2. Why is Japanese Eva cuter than the other 2? (Rethorical question...already know the answer :P )

  3. Hahahaha~~
    Yah~~ we R hit by a hot spell lately~~ almost 2 wks liao!
    I can totally relate, esp when craving for tom yam noodle soup. Even the hot weather cant stop me! :p

    1. LOL! Got aircon! My aircon here is old and non-eco...



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