Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dealing with the cold 抗冷對策

It has been ridiculously cold since January and my new apartment is 3-4 degrees colder than my previous dorm room. Interior temperatures hovered around 10-14 degree Celsius and turning on the heater means blowing up the electricity bills. Well, not to fear! Japanese always have clever ways to deal with such circumstances, such as this microwavable heat pack to warm up my cold feet while sleeping. Unfortunately, this failed to work at my new apartment so I was forced to buy something even more powerful...
自從一月開始,天氣就一直冷到現在!新房子比之前的爛宿舍冷了3-4度。室內溫度一直在10-14度之間,真是冷到沒話說。又不想一直開暖氣耗電。所以想繼續用之前買的保暖包。可是...還是冷到爆!!! 整晚無法入睡,結果敗給了寒冷,又開了暖氣睡覺了。

Yes, like this electric blanket is helping me to tide over these cold nights without blowing up my electricity bill! Made in Japan and bought at Rakuten for less than 1900yen. Now I can sleep in my warm blankets without blasting the heater. Feels good to save money again, good night everybody!


  1. Seems great! I bet my GF who is way toooo nagging about cold would love one of those :D

  2. Wooh~ You want? I can buy one more and mail it to you and you can pay me via paypal, haha. But not sure if the voltage would match. One thing is for sure... WARM & COZY~~~~ zzzz :D



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