Sunday, January 3, 2010

Moving to Blogger

  1. 我打英文比較快。
  2. 大多數的新加坡朋友比較肯閱讀英文,有些甚至連中文都不會讀/或讀得很慢。
  3. 我在使用無名時,常被誤認是台灣人。連垃圾郵件也都是給台灣人的。
  4. Blogger的用戶比無名多。
  5. Blogger 的回應數是無限的 (雖然相簿最多500張,但可以再做一個)
  6. 可以在Blogger使用自己的domain name,省webhosting的費用。
  7. Blogger的內容可在Google中輕易搜到,但無名好像只有在無名網絡內。

I have been blogging in for 2 years so what made me change my mind?
Here are what I have come out with:
  1. I type and read faster in English.
  2. Majority of my Singaporean friends prefer to read English, some doesn't even know how to read Chinese (or claim that they just read too slow).
  3. I am often mistaken as a Taiwanese when I use, and even spams sent to my email are for Taiwanese...
  4. Blogger has more users than
  5. Blogger is free with unlimited number of comments (although the blog album is limited to 500 images).
  6. I can use my own domain name with Blogger and save on webhosting.
  7. Blogger contents are easily search-able with Google = more traffic.
I hope that I had made a right decision for the move so I hope to get feedback on what you think. Meanwhile, I'll be thinking about how to serialize my new comic!

Thank you!

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