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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Unaccompanied Baggage to Japan 黑貓宅急便

The people from Yamato Kuroneko came down to pick up my luggage in the afternoon, fully prepared with weighing scale, carton boxes, forms, brochures, money and packing materials. Basically everything is taken care of! If you're also flying to Japan to study or work like me, here's what I did:


  1. Call/email Yamato Transport to arrange for delivery of their boxes so you can start packing. Also arrange for the pick up date as well. Their boxes range from:
    Size A 92x46x22cm
    Size C 66x46x33cm
    Size D 46x33x33cm
  2. Just stuff your things into the boxes but make sure each is less than 25kg and $2500 in value. No need to write anything on the boxes and leave them open in case you want to do any last minute re-arrangements. Insurance is included.
  3. There will be a couple, one Japanese who will help you with the forms, and the other busy packing and writing on your boxes. They will weigh and give you a form for each box, then you list the items and declare the value.
  4. While you're writing in English, the Japanese staff will do a translation to Japanese so that delivery in Japan will be smoother. Nice service isn't it! I don't think you can get translation service from other courier service :D
  5. Finally after everything is filled and packed, you'll be given 2 customs declaration form. You'll need to pass both to the customs officer, then he'll chop and return 1 piece back to you. Take that stamped form to the Kuroneko counter at Narita Airport so that the customs can clear your unaccompanied baggage.
  6. Payment is by cash or check at origin or destination.
Overall, the service was punctual and very thorough. Their staff were also very polite and organized. For 3 boxes weighing a total of 50kg, I spent SG$580. Not bad for door-to-door air freight service! Hopefully they'll reach me successfully a week plus later!

總得來說,服務相當準時而且非常完善。服務人員也非常親切有禮(不愧是日本人:P  )


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