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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Evacomics on local Chinese newspaper Zaobao

I was on Singapore local Chinese newspaper "联合早报"(Zaobao) today!!! :)
The news article is a copyrighted material, so I will just talk about the article briefly. To read more, please buy a hardcopy or subscribe to Zaobao at ;)

Translated brief:

Evangeline Neo, a local Singaporean illustrator had recently gained popularity on the internet with Evacomics series that talks about the cultural differences between Singapore, Japan and US. Her comics are updated every Monday and her Facebook had gained 19,600 likes since its establishment in 2010.

She was aspired to become a cartoonist since young and was inspired by Japanese anime and manga. She even spent a year preparing a short story comic to enter into a comic competition held by Kodansha, Japan. Although she was selected for the initial round, she did not win the award in the end. (Blog post back then here). She started drawing webcomics in Chinese on (a Taiwanese blogging platform) after graduating from her art university in US (2007), in hope that she can become like Wan Wan, a Taiwanese webcomics artist who became extremely popular, and publish a book.

Her style is a hybrid kind of style. When she showed her work to Japanese, they said it looked like western style but when she showed it to her American friends, they think it looked like Japanese manga style.

Her future plan is to look for publishers to publish her book and work with Japanese businesses.


Special thanks to Zaobao reporter 陈宇昕 (Tan Yu Xin) and photographer 李白娟 for the article.
Also special thanks to Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) for linking me up with the papers.
And of course many thanks to Chua Sii Inn, student reporter from NYP, who interviewed me for NYP's blog that started it. It's good to be an alumni :)

You can find my CV including education and work experience at LinkedIn.


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