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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Jugas Pre-Departure Orientation Lunch

Apologies for the lack of comics and photos as my room and mind is in a bizarre state of packing up for my studies. Anyway, yes, JUGAS (Japanese University Graduates Association of Singapore) was very kind to invite me for lunch with the MEXT (Monbukagakusho aka Monbusho) Scholars who are also leaving in April this year.

Seniors and JUGAS committee members shared their valuable experiences in Japan and encouraged us to network with each other and join the association when we return. It was a nice orientation and I found out that there were quite a lot of MEXT scholars for undergraduate, probably 7-9 of them, and around 3 for postgraduate.

From what I heard, the MEXT undergraduate scholars have to study Japanese for a year in respective universities then pursue their 4-years studies. A total of 5 years fully paid for! Too bad I failed my MEXT Japanese paper last year so if you're interested in this scholarship, you do need at least JLPT2 to be safe. For postgraduate applicants like me, it seems that they would prefer that you already got connected with an university professor.

I learnt a lot about the MEXT scholarship from this lunch at the Japanese Association which was sponsored by the Japanese embassy. Unfortunately it was also confirmed that ASJA will no longer offer scholarships. I am the very last! So lucky... But there's also good news that JUGAS is raising an education fund to help Singaporean students who need the money to go further their studies in Japan. I'm not sure how many they'll choose, but it's certainly something to look forward to.


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