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Monday, March 22, 2010

Singapore Souvenirs 新加坡紀念品

You might have read about the Japanese culture of giving gifts, especially to people who would be helping you. So I was advised to buy some local gifts as well.

I recall bringing my pack of merlion bookmarks to USA which ended up never given away because nobody was exchanging souvenirs/gifts! They eventually landed in my roommate's hands, an unwilling party, and remarked that the bookmarks were rather useless, but what the heck...



因為以下是關於那裡可以買到便宜的新加坡紀念品,所以我就偷懶不翻譯嘍~ XD

Mustafa Centre
It's located at Little India but the closest MRT is Farrer Park. Just locate exit A and cross the street to Serangoon Plaza with a linkway to Mustafa at level 3.

Serangoon Plaza sells souvenirs at the same level with the link-way. However there were little customers and lots of seemingly skiving sales people chit chatting among themselves. When asked on where to get certain souvenirs, they just told me to go Mustafa to get everything... ...

So I went to Mustafa level 2 and found a remarkable collection of souvenirs, along with lots of Merlion cookies, chocolates and yes, Hay Bee Hiam rolls which were made in Malaysia but labeled as Singapore Prawn Rolls. Uniquely Singapore.

They also had lots of Indian snacks and food which were really cheap if you're on budget like me. Staff at Mustafa were also more friendly and helpful than their neighbors.

Also along the North East Line (NEL) is Chinatown, which has more shops selling Chinese and S.E.Asian gifts. Just exit towards Pagoda Street and you'll find rows of shops selling just souvenirs.

I managed to find my nice big Merlion in original color for my "booth" which I'll be setting up in Japan to introduce Singapore. Unlike the skiving sales at Serangoon Plaza, the shop keepers were very enthusiastic in helping me choose my gifts and even offered me a bargain price.

Overall, I find shopping at Chinatown more pleasant and you can get cheaper deals through bargain when you purchase a lot, unlike fixed price items at Mustafa.


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