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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

MDA initiatives and Fusionopolis

Today I decided to pay a visit to MDA(Media Development Authority) to thank them for the Media Education Scheme (which they don't categorize as scholarship) as well as to inform them that my "commitment period" aka bond had finished.

The start of the conversation was unconventional. It was my rant of how difficult it was to reach the building. Firstly, Bouna Vista is not centrally located and the East-West bound trains are rather slow... Secondly, I had difficulty locating the shuttle bus stand. After waiting for 30-40mins, I ran out of patience and took a cab with another confused lady who was also heading to MDA. Apparently, the free shuttle buses stated on their website were non existent during off-peak times.

So finally we reached this "Fusionopolis" which is basically a rather large futuristic building. It looks impressive from far's just a building, no "polis". And if you should make a trip down, you can also take bus 91 from Bouna Vista, it stops right outside the building and no, you don't need to wait for 40mins like I did.

Cancellation of many MDA iniatives for individuals


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