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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tips on saving money in Tokyo 在東京節省開銷

Well old friends and readers will know that I'd now "fallen from grace". From a rich lady with credit cards in hand, flashy branded handbags and always attending fashion shows, to a poor scholar living in a tiny dorm in Tokyo eating cup ramen (well, actually it's sushi).

So here's my tips to save some money in Tokyo:

1. If you need to buy books, either purchase used books from stores like Bookoff, or purchase a  Tosho card from a discounted tickets store. Use the discounted Tosho card to pay for all your books which are new, at those big bookstores.

2. Even better, just stand in the bookstore and finish your book. I saved money for 2 magazines this way!

3. For girls, if you want to satisfy your craving for shopping, you can buy those magazines with freebies. Many magazines feature designer cloth bags and cost just 630~1800yen each. Cheap and nice. Of course, buy them with your discounted Tosho card.


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